Prostatitis Treatment

Prostate Treatment With Injection
Prostatitis Treatment is an innovative treatment that provide truly permanent treatment solution to prostate pain, prostate infection, prostate symptoms, prostatic blockage, prostatic calcifications, epididymitis, infection of the seminal vesicles and urethritis.

Prostatitis Treatment
The treatment is a complicated protocol that encompass injection to the prostate, herbs to unblock the prostate glands, injections for epididymitis and seminal vesicle infection. The prostate clinic has more than twenty years of clinical experience in treating domestic and international patients with prostate infection and its related diseases. It is probably the only genuine treatment solution that could cure almost all cases of prostatitis, such as chronic, antibiotics resistant, or long term cases.

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Prostate Therapy
The treatment cures prostate infection by releasing bacteria corpse, toxin, residual deposit and calcification from clogged prostate glands.

Features Of Prostatitis Treatment
Contrary to the mainstream medical diagnosis that prostatitis is very difficult if not impossible to treat, our prostate doctors can deliver complete cure to prostatitis because our injection treatment is systematic and highly efficient. It features short treatment duration, permanent cure, minimal pain and no side effects.

prostate injection treatment

Picture A shows ultrasound view of a needle in the prostate and picture B shows the diffusion of medicine after prostate injection.

Monitor Prostate Treatment Progress
A trip to China for the prostatitis treatment can be a scary and stressful to many international patients, we have adopted an interactive treatment model that patients could monitor the treatment progress and the effects from the treatment daily with our prostate doctors. Our translator in prostate center assists you in every aspect during your trip in China.

Prostatitis Poorly Studied By Prostate Doctor
Surprisingly, prostatitis is poorly studied and not well understood, or even misled by doctor and urologist, although it is a common and an serious disease and problems for male.

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Urinary Perfusion Treatment
A Home Treatment For Prostatitis, Enlarged Prostate, urinary infection and urethritis

Many patients have difficulties coming to China for prostate injection, so we have modified the injections to Urinary Perfusion Treatment by sending medicine into the urethra through a urinary catheter and seal the medicine there for two hours, the medicine fights the infection and at the same time unblock the prostate gland opening, the procedure is simple and you could have the treatment done at home by yourself. In addition, oral Chinese herbal dosage for unblocking is also prescribed, so patients could receive two treatments at the same time.

The Urinary Perfusion Treatment takes about 4 weeks, we provide all medications by mail, patients can start the treatment themselves by following our instructions after the package is received.

cloudy urine caused by prostatitis

*Pictures above show the milky/cloudy urine from a patient.

Prostatitis Treatment Theory

Our research found that since prostate glands are infected, blocked and calcified, some complicated cases even have several infected spots, so it is very difficult to maintain a permanent cure as relapse is common.

Laboratory tests for prostatitis are generally inaccurate and sometimes misleading because of improper testing procedures, non sensitive testing tools, incomplete exams, and most important of all, lack of thorough and accurate knowledge on prostatitis.

Prostate Therapy To Find Out Prostate Infection
The first step of the treatment is the accurate identification of bacteria. Doctor collects specimen from prostate fluid at tip of urethra by pressing on the spot where most pain is felt, pressing on the wrong spot could cause false lab results. The specimen is then tested for bacteria in our national bacteria research lab using culture, ELISA. During treatment, we observe the changes in the prostate glands, EPS, bacteria, and deposit in urine and make analysis of the state of infection, blockage and accurate evaluation of cure effect.

Prostate Therapy To Cure Infection
The second step is the prostate injection. Since most prostate glands are blocked and no medicine can penetrate into it, the prostate doctor has invented an injection to penetrate into the prostate glands without damaging blood vessels and nerves. prostate doctor injects into spots like posterior urethra, prostate glands, seminal vesicles, sperm duct, epididymis. The high concentration medicine inhibit bacteria resistance in infected areas. bacteria start dying and result in discharge of bacteria corpse, toxin, and residue. Our prostatitis treatment consolidates permanent cure, making relapse unlikely.

Prostate Therapy To Unblock The Prostate
The third step is to unblock prostate glands, release bacteria, toxin, and deposit, and clear all prostate pain and symptoms. During chronic prostatitis, inflammatory secretions build up and block the prostate glands, and even form calcification. The blockage and inflammatory secretion cause lots of symptoms in lymph node, blood capillary, glands and nerves, oral antibiotics and intravenous drip cannot help at this stage. The injection penetrate the prostate glands through pelvic gap, unblock clogged prostate glands. Patients often observe the milky layers in urine. After inflammatory and calcified materials are removed, prostate pain and symptoms improve significantly or gone completely and prostate glands return to normal state. This unblocking protocol is unique and is practiced only in our prostate center.

cloudy milky urine prostatitis

*Pictures above show the milky/cloudy urine from a patient.

Real Cause of Prostatitis

The causes of prostatitis is still under debate, there are different, or even contradictory views on it, recent years, the medical community have come up with other very aggressive challenges to the mainstream views that prostatitis is not contagious or has nothing to do with microorganisms, our prostate doctor don't agree with that. The prostate doctor believes that the main cause of prostatitis is the infections from microorganisms contracted from contacts such as sexual contacts, personal hygiene, use of public toilets, etc.

We have clinical evidence and statistics to support our theory. We conducted a survey on visiting patients, and it shows that the majority of them have high-risk sexual behavior from female partners, or have multiple female partners, the labs reports also show the presence of STD bacteria in many prostatitis cases, including their female partner.

This important finding is the foundation of our treatment protocol. We focus only on the treatment of the infections, ie, elimination of bacteria. In order to effectively eliminate all bacteria, blockage of the prostate glands must be solved at the same time.

Prostate Blockage

When our prostate urologist started rigorous research on prostatitis cases twenty years ago, we found an interesting phenomenon that the prostate glands is often blocked, doctor also notices the close relationship between cure effect and blockage. The prostate clinic has come to a theory that patients must experience sufficient amount of unblocking of prostate glands before the cure is secured, otherwise, the cure is often not permanent and relapse is likely to occur.

The blockage theory has been clinically tested and proven by thousands of prostatitis cases. Prostatitis Treatment was created based on this theory, and exceptional high cure rate is proven by previous patients. Over the years, domestic and international patients confirmed from their own numerous trips for cure that the injection treatment is the only cure protocol that works.

Criteria for a Successful Prostatitis Treatment

Prostate doctor has a lot to learn, patients have a lot to learn too, on the disease of prostatitis. Many patients of prostatitis depend solely on their prostate doctors for the cure of prostate infection, pain and symptoms, many have unrealistic hope that prostate doctor could cure them with antibiotics, or expect some very simple treatment to cure their prostate problems without much hassle. The hope shattered after multiple courses of ineffective antibiotics treatment, and the prostate infection gets into chronic state, this is the beginning of a life-long agonizing pain.

Seeking a genuine prostatitis treatment is a test of endurance and patience because of the time and money wasted by visiting different prostate doctor who claim they have a secret formula to cure you. They start to challenge prostate doctor about the way to treat prostatitis, but often they will end up disappointed because almost all urologist can only prescribe antibiotics for prostatitis, and if it won't work, they will switch to another brand of antibiotics, if prostate doctor run out of options, they may blame you for psychological problem, tension problems, pain problems, etc, at this stage, you are totally abandoned from the medical system. In summary, study prostatitis as thoroughly as possible and question the remedies from different prostate doctor is a good beginning of the quest for a real prostatitis treatment.

Prostatitis is only a tiny topic in the subject of urology, many famous urologist choose to neglect the disease of prostatitis and focus on other areas that require surgery because surgery treatment could earn big bucks much faster.

A genuine and effective treatment for prostatitis is not easy to evaluate, particularly for patients. Prostatitis is a very complicated disease that it affects many aspects of the body, including the prostate glands, epididymis, vas deferen, seminal vesicles, urethra, rectum, nerve system, mental system, urinary system.

A credible treatment should be able to achieve the following:

1. Complete Eradication of Microorganisms
2. Unblock prostate glands, Seminal Vesicles, Epididymis, sperm duct
3. Removal of Calcification, Pus, Cyst, etc
4. Restoration of Texture, Size, Function of Prostate Glands
5. Great Reduction of Prostate Symptoms and Pain
6. Restoration of Body Strength, libido, Fertility
7. Restoration of Mental State from Anxiety, Depression
8. Permanent Cure with no Relapse of Symptoms and Pain

Prostatitis Treatment

Prostatitis is a disease not fully understood by prostate doctor and patients. You need to understand the causes of prostatitis in order to better understand the theory and treatment protocol of Prostatitis Treatment.

Cure Prostate Infection In Early Stage

Prostate infection starts from the opening of urethra, where bacteria grow upstream along the urethra and it takes about four weeks to reach the prostate glands. If antibiotics treatment can be administered in time, with sufficient dosage, and for extended period of time, it stands a great chance of complete cure before it gets into the prostate glands.

Prostate Infection Turns Into Chronic Prostatitis

If the antibiotics treatment fails, bacteria invade inside the prostate glands, and start to grow and damage prostate tissue, the metabolism of bacteria creates waste and pile up inside the fine glands of prostate after several months, it blocks the prostate glands, and affects its healthy environment and normal functions. Prostate infection from the bacteria and also the waste produced irritate the prostate glands and cause swelling. After several years, the waste aggregates and blocks most prostate glands.

Prostate blockage and bacteria are the two most important criteria for a successful treatment on prostatitis, they are the backbone of an effective treatments on prostatitis.

Prostate Injection To Cure Prostate Blockage

Prostate injection softens and decompose prostate blockage by some special herbs, the injections send medicine of herbs into the prostate glands and soak it for a day, after a few weeks of injections, the blockage slowly decompose and discharged through urine.

If there is no blockage, it is much easier to treat, prostate injection with antibiotics are administered to inhibit growth of bacteria. Since the blockage is not there, the medicine can thoroughly infiltrated to every part of the prostate glands, bacteria have no space to hide and die after several weeks.

Prostate blockage have very close relationship with prostatitis and prostate blockage is always the most important obstacle in treating prostatitis. Prostate infection can be cured only after blockage is solved. After one week of injection, layers of deposit in urine is observed, and it will continue until most blockage is dissolved. After unblocking process is completed, the prostate shrinks to its normal size and prostate pain drops significantly.

Prostatitis is a chronic infection and blockage usually present in cases with long years of prostate infection, more shots are needed to solve the prostate problem. For simple bacteria cases, chance of heavy blockage is unlikely, so the focus of shots is on infection.

prostate injection  operation

Picture: A syringe with needle for prostate injection.

Prostatitis Treatment Applications

Prostate injection cures infections of Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma and Chlamydia, such as prostatitis, NGU, seminal vesiculitis,  deferentitis﹐epididymitis, cystitis, urethritis, enlarged prostate, prostate calcification, cervicitis, endometritis, pelvic inflammation, PID, salpingitis, etc.

Prostate injection also cures infection caused infertility and sexual dysfunction, including inactive sperms, dead sperms, seminal emission, impotence, blockage of sperm duct and fallopian tubes, etc.

Acute Prostatitis

The blockage and infection of the prostate glands is still in early stage, if treated properly and in time, many acute prostatitis cases can get a complete cure in a few weeks by taking antibiotics.

Chronic Prostatitis

In about three months time, the prostate gets infected and the case turns chronic. Blockage starts to form slowly in prostate glands, seminal vesicles, sperm ducts and epididymis. It is unlikely for conventional prostatitis treatments, or other herbal treatments to cure chronic prostatitis since these protocols lack of means to deliver medicine into infected areas, such as prostate glands. Antibiotics can only suppress the symptoms for some time, once it is stopped, the bacteria hiding somewhere deep in the prostate will grow again and prostatitis may flare up again.

Chronic prostatitis is a real headache for many prostate doctor, it is almost impossible for patients to find a genuine and permanent solution of prostatitis in their countries. It is very hard to find a prostatitis treatment that could achieve high cure rate and low recurrence. Acute prostatitis (bacterial or nonbacterial) with mild or no blockage can be cured in our prostatitis center with 90% cure rate, for chronic cases (bacterial and nonbacterial) with serious prostate blockage, calcification, or have pathological changes in prostate tissues, with serious prostate pain, and dysfunction of the prostate organ, the cure rate is roughly 80% and it takes 35 days or more for the injection treatment to completely solve all prostate problems above.

Diagnosis and Treatment Process

Recurrence is very common after antibiotics treatment, recurrence cause a lot of complications such as chronic urethritis, seminal vesiculitis, deferentitis, epididymitis, dysfunction of endocrine and vegetative nerve. Prostatitis Treatment is a revolutionary treatment with wonderful healing effect, it achieves this because of comprehensive and thorough injections, powerful unblocking power in the prostate glands, and patients must allow plenty of time for the diagnosis and treatment.

Treatment procedure: After initial consultation with our prostate doctor about your previous medical history, and you have a complete and thorough understanding of our treatment, you will then asked to have a complete lab tests such as EPS, samples is collected from the prostate fluid and semen for culture tests to find out possible bacteria that cause prostatitis, prostate doctor then conduct EPS to determine the severity of prostate infection and conditions of blockage in the prostate gland.

Prostate injection is then administered after all lab tests reports are back, based on the bacteria identified, sensitive medicine is then injected into the core of infection. Injection is performed through gap of pelvic without damaging any tissue or organ, medicine infiltrates into the core of infected prostate area. For prostatitis cases with complications, injection is also administered in sperm duct, seminal vesicles and epididymis. Based on changes of prostate pain and symptoms, injection on these organs are adjusted too so that the shots have the best effect.

Unblocking process is evidenced by the urine samples taken by previous patients, once the unblocking process is triggered by the injection, usually after a week, the blockage starts to break down and a thick layer of deposit is observed in milky urine.

The treatment is the revolutionary solution for chronic prostatitis and is the best and only treatment for prostatitis with blockage. Patient could witness the magical effects of treatment from their urine samples, and have their prostate symptoms alleviated sharply after a few weeks. Clinically, white blood cell count drops to normal range in a short time and prostate pain and symptoms are very mild.

Antibiotics Resistance in Prostatitis

Prostate injection deliver medicine directly to the core and infected area of the prostate and form a high level of concentration which is 10 times stronger than antibiotics. This high concentration medicine lasts more than twenty hours and it avoids the chance of building resistance from bacteria, conventional antibiotics has very low concentration and can last only a few hours. Lastly, the treatment is rather relaxing that you could go to work or play sports after the prostate injection.

Prostate Pain, Symptoms and Side Effects

Prostate Treatment works by injecting medicine to the prostate glands, the injection is simple and safe because it bypasses nerves and blood vessels without damaging any tissue. Prostatitis injection causes pain similar to intravenous drip. You don't even find a needle hole on skin or tissue surface even after consecutive injections for thirty days. Another merit add to this is that the prostate medicine do not damage liver or kidney because prostate medicine is dissipated in infected area, thus avoiding the absorption of antibiotics to intestine and colon.

Prostatic Blockage

After ultrasound scan is done, prostate doctor look at the prostate size, texture and contour, shape, hardening and calcification for signs of prostate blockage. If the prostate, seminal vesicles, sperm duct and epididymis swell dramatically, or deformed, and with hardening, calcification or lump, it indicates prostate blockage.

Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma and Chlamydia

The real cause of prostatitis is infection of bacteria, however, there are different strains of bacteria and they are difficult to isolate. Our lab testing tools include cultures, Gram stain, ELISA and RTD-PCR to identify the presence of Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma and Chlamydia. It also adopts cytoanalyzer to determine the exact location of prostatitis infection. For nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) cases, injection of sensitive antibiotics and urethra catheter perfusion are performed daily to secure a cure.

Prostatitis with recurrence and resistant bacteria, and also complications, is the worst case of chronic prostatitis, however, we still could handle the case with confidence by injection to the prostate glands so that it is soaked thoroughly by anti-resistant medicine. After several weeks of continuous injection, even the most stubborn bacteria of Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma and Chlamydia can be eliminated.

Prostate Injection Tools

Prostate Needles and Syringe: Needles for prostate injections are a special kind of needles that are specifically designed for delicate prostate injection. The length of the needles is longer to reach the prostate area, and it must be very thin so that it cause least damage to prostate tissue, the needles must be flexible too for easy maneuver during treatment.

Prostate Gloves: During prostate injection, doctor must guide the needle with his hand to the desired spots, and there is a risk that the needle may puncture the glove, and also the glove protects doctor from infection by contact with the prostate tissue, so prostate glove must be very tough and not easy to break.

Prostate Injection Preparation

Prostate injection vary from day to day. Every day, you will have a consultation session with the doctor to report the changes of the level and location of pain from previous day, presence of layer of deposit in urine, prostate pain feeling during and after the shots, how long the prostate pain last after the shots, any new prostate symptoms appear, etc.

Before prostate injection, medicine is mixed to make it suitable for a particular patient for that day. The prostate medicine is composed of a few catalysts that are critical to the cure of the prostatitis treatment.

Herbs that contain unblocking substance is extracted and stored for use. Before injection, extracted herbal medicine is added to the medicine to form a proper proportion of medicine .

Another important part of prostate medicine is the antibiotics. We have a list of different antibiotics for different types of bacteria and prostate infection. By trial and error process, the most effective antibiotics is used for individual case, sometimes a rotation of antibiotics is also used for better result.

Prostate Infection catalyst is added to make antibiotics more potent and enhance mobility to penetrate into the prostate glands, this is particularly useful for prostate infection because of penetration problem.

Prostatitis Anti-Resistant Ingredient is another important part of the medicine, it is used to stop bacteria from mutating with resistance, this is particularly useful for cases with stubborn and resistant bacteria.

Prostate Injection

Prostate Medicine is injected into the infected core of prostate glands with a special needle, through the gap of pelvic, without damaging other important organs or tissues. Medicine enters into every part of infected prostate glands and form a high concentration, this is similar to soaking the prostate glands with medicine.

Herbal medicine dissolves the blockage in the prostate glands and soften the hard core part of blockage. It is a slow process and takes a few weeks to completely solve the blockage problem. Antibiotics medicine form a potent high concentration and inhibit the growth of bacteria. This also takes a few weeks to eradicate all bacteria.

Other key injection protocol is to treat prostatitis induced complications, including urethritis, chronic and acute prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis,  deferentitis﹐epididymitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammation, salpingitis, etc.
All infected organs must be properly treated to make sure no chance of relapse.

Prostatitis Treatment features minimal side-effects, and the pain is bearable, no tissue or organ damage. Even after a few weeks of intensive prostate injection, you don't find holes or damage on the skin or the tissue.

Since prostate injection is a localized injection, that the prostate medicine is applied directly to the infected areas of the prostate gland, avoiding digestion of stomach and each dose of medicine lasts more than twenty hours. The injection treatment is quite relaxing that patients could go to work or play sports after a short break from injections. In contrast, the conventional antibiotics treatment last only for a few hours and the medicine is mostly wasted since it is dispersed to the whole body.

Herbal Medicine to Unblock Prostate Glands

Prostate Treatment cure prostatitis by unblocking obstructed prostate glands, remove toxin and deposit, and eradicate bacteria.

Criteria For A Credible Prostatitis Treatment

Any prostatitis treatment that claim effective must achieve complete eradication of pathogens and symptoms from prostatitis, to do that prostate doctor must be able to unblock the prostate glands, seminal vesicles and the sperm duct. The reason is that after the prostate gland is cleared of blockage, antibiotics enter the inner infected area of the prostate glands and eradicate all bacteria. Once the unblocking process is done and infection is gone, most symptoms and pain of prostatitis would be greatly diminished.

Prostate infection could be a complicated disease once it starts attacking you, physically, genital and urinary organs are intertwined, infection of the prostate glands could easily spread to other organs and cause infection there. In addition, prostatitis with blockage is extremely difficult to cure by antibiotics or simple prostate injection because these treatment protocols are not able to reach infected area of the prostate and the cure effect is greatly discounted.

Prostate Injection is very successful because it provides a unique method for medicine to enter the infected prostate glands, soften the clogged substance in the prostate glands, decompose blockage of the prostate glands, and release calcified waste through urine. Bacteria, toxin produced and inflammatory dregs from prostatitis are also released out of the body.

Our prostate doctor's treatment experience proves that most pelvic pain of prostatitis is caused by blockage of the prostate glands. Milky urine sample always present after a week of prostate injection. Under microscope, urine sample shows the dead bacteria and inflammatory waste from prostatitis. Once the waste is removed, symptoms and pain of prostatitis drop significantly or gone completely. In addition, the texture, size and secretive functions of the prostate glands would be restored to normal state.

Why Prostate Doctor And Conventional Prostate Treatment Fail To Treat Prostatitis

Similar prostate injection performed by other prostate doctor could not achieve the kind of effect as our prostate injection that most cases of prostatitis can be cured and all prostate pain and symptoms are gone forever. These treatment protocols are doing so poorly because they neglect the problem of blockage in the prostate glands, also failed to treat seminal vesicles and vas deferens, injected antibiotics are stuck in the prostate glands and fail to spread out thoroughly to all parts of the infected prostate area, and it always fail to completely eradicate the bacteria, causing high risk of recurrence once the injection stops. In some rare cases that the infection is removed completely, the blockage could still cause permanent prostate pain and symptoms.

milky urine prostate infection

*Picture: A layer of white cloudy deposit from urine sample of a patient.

Unblock Prostate Glands with Herbal Medicine

Prostatitis Treatment is the only cure that offers a solution for blockage. The key to unblock the prostate is the Chinese herbs that contains unblocking element. Antibiotics is for bacteria and couldn't do much with prostate blockage. Similar prostate injection performed by other doctor are not successful because antibiotics cannot reach every part of the prostate when there are serious blockage, a common symptom in chronic cases. Herbal medicine must work hand in hand with antibiotics to form a synergy effect, greatly enhance the unblocking power and anti-resistance efficiency of antibiotics medicine. Prostate injection with only antibiotics are doomed for failure.

Prostatitis is notorious that its difficulty for medicine to infiltrate into the prostate layer with presence of prostate blockage. it is similar to a castle with bacteria living inside it with the protection of the wall. In order to kill the bacteria, the wall must be removed first before you can send antibiotics soldiers into the castle. Herbal medicine acts as a cannon that it breaks down the wall, antibiotics soldiers now can fight the bacteria.

Herbal medicine is critical for our injection treatment and is the mandatory part of any effective treatment that claims a real cure for prostatitis. The herbal medicine enhances efficiency of antibiotics and help make a complete cure in four to five weeks. Without the addition of herbal medicine, it could take months for antibiotics to reach all parts of prostate glands.

The prostate medicine consists of two elements, the Chinese herbal medicine, and antibiotics. Missing one of them could seriously discount the effect of prostate treatment.

The percentage of herbal medicine and choice of antibiotics have to be based on lab tests, sensitivity tests, diagnosis and treatment stage. Usually the early part of prostatitis treatment is mainly on infection, after a few weeks, the focus will be on unblocking. Also patients' feedback is also important to the doctor's dosage and injection tactics. Generally, more thick layers of milky urine indicates effective injection. Correct selection of antibiotics is fundamental to a complete cure because different bacteria reacts to specific antibiotics.

milky cloudy urine from infected prostate

*Picture: A cloudy deposit floating in a urine sample of a patient.

Prostate Injection to all Genital Organs

Another distinctive feature of Prostatitis Treatment is the ability to apply injection on organs other than the prostate glands, such as epididymis, seminal vesicles, urethra, vas deferens. This is the area neglected by other prostatitis treatments. The theory behind is that prostatitis is always accompanied by epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, etc, so all infected areas must be completely cured before a permanent cure is secured. The scope of infection and degree of blockage in the whole genital system must be careful diagnosed and be given sufficient attention, and injection must be properly distributed to the infected organs.

It is extremely difficult to treat Prostatitis and permanent cure is almost impossible with mainstream treatment protocols. This is because genitourinary organs share the same pelvic cavity and are adjacent to each other. infection of one organ could spread to the other organs. This is the reason why epididymitis, seminal vesicle infection are common among prostate infection cases. A permanent cure is attained if every genital organ is carefully diagnosed and treated with equal importance. If one infected organ is neglected by prostate doctor, the chance of relapse is almost certain.

Prostate injection is performed from six injection points, to the prostate glands, seminal vesicles, epididymis and sperm ducts, and build up effective inhibition against bacteria in these organs. The direction of medicine diffusion is both direction, that means medicine has stronger mobility and greater span of medicine interaction.

Our Prostatitis Treatment aims at complete eradication of bacteria, unclog blockage produced by inflammation in the infected area, and facilitate the restoration of the prostate glands to normal size and function.

Once injection to genital organs are administered, medicine fill up cavity inside, this potent medicine fight directly with bacteria hiding in the organs, unblock obstructed prostate glands, reopen acini, bacteria corpse and pus are washed out through urine and ejaculation.

Prolonged and Saturated Prostate Injection to Prostate Glands

Prostatitis is a complex disease and affects genital organs surrounding it. Genital system is a natural hotbed for bacteria to grow. In addition, bacteria can mutate and become resistant if some stubborn bacteria survive multiple courses of antibiotics treatment.

Because of the features of bacteria growth, prostatitis treatment should be adjusted accordingly, prostate doctor check for possible signs of pain and symptoms in every part of the prostate glands, seminal vesicles and epididymis for indication of infection. Mainstream prostate doctor lack of effective tools to check for the possible infected area to make sure no area is left untreated.

Our approach to effectively avoid the situation works like this:

First, we require that patient allow us plenty of time for the treatment to perform sufficient injection, if you quit too soon, it may risk leaving some bacteria alive in the prostate. Therefore, thorough injection to all parts of infected organs can reduce risk of recurrence.

Put it simply, you may regard our prostatitis treatment as a "soaking treatment" that prostate is saturated with medicine for a long time, allowing medicine to reach bacteria in every corner.

Rotation of Prostate Injection to all Genital Organs

When we treat your prostate infection and prostatitis, we don't just treat your prostate gland, we treat all of your genital organs. The prostate glands, seminal vesicles, ejaculatory duct and epididymis are delicate organs that could got infection from the prostate glands.

Genital organs are all connected, injections to one organ could also spread the medicine to the other organs.

So rotation of injection is very sensible that it allows certain area for a break from previous day's injection. Our Prostate doctor rotate injection based on symptoms feedback from patients. Schedule for injection usually work like this, day 1, left and right prostate, day 2, right and left seminal vesicles, day 3, left and right epididymis, day 4, left and right prostate, day 5, left and right seminal vesicle, etc.

No spot in the prostate glands can stand injection four days in a row, so rotation is necessary that injected area get a break before it gets another injection.

Prostate treatment options are abundant when you search online. Compare with similar injection treatments performed by western prostate doctor, the big difference of our prostatitis treatment is on the number of injection on various organs and the application of unblocking protocol.

Adjustment of Prostate Medicine

The proportion of prostate medicine used is different for early, middle and final stage. The prostate medicine for early stage is mainly for infection, so more prostate antibiotics is added, the prostate medicine for middle stage is for both infection and blockage, final stage is reserved for blockage, so more prostate herbal medicine is added.

During initial stage of prostatitis treatment, infection is the priority and unblocking is less important during this stage.

In the middle stage, if prostate infection is almost gone, unblocking herbal medicine starts to play a bigger role.

In the final stage, once the prostate infection is tested negative, unblocking the prostate is the only goal.

For prostatitis cases with serious blockage symptoms, more proportion of herbal medicine is applied to the injections to unblock prostate glands as soon as possible. For simple prostatitis cases without blockage, the focus would be more on prostate infection.

Prostate Injection for Various Infections

Prostatitis is caused by a list of microorganisms, bacteria, yeast, virus, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma are common cause of prostate infection. Currently, medical labs in many countries fail to provide accurate lab tests specifically for prostatitis, and it causes confusion and misunderstanding among patients. Identification of causes of prostate infection and prostatitis is critical because different microorganisms react with only specific antibiotics.

Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma and Chlamydia is the most difficult case to cure, and they are also the most stealthy bacteria in the lab, and are also the most stubborn pathogen to treat.

Bacteria infection is relatively easier to treat, and easier to find out in labs. Resistance to our prostate medicine is low because of high concentration in the prostate, and it reduces treatment duration.

Yeast infection is also common, yeast infection is the result of imbalance of bacteria in the prostate glands due to prostate infection. Yeast infection itself do not cause major prostate pain or symptoms, but it causes some irritations.

Prostate Injection Procedure

Now you may have a general idea about our prostate injection, a description of the treatment center and the injection process is provided for you to have an in-depth view of the treatment on prostatitis.

Prostatitis Diagnosis Room
This room is equipped with laboratory facilities specifically designed for prostatitis. On the first day of your arrival, you will have EPS exam done here. Our prostate doctor inserts a gloved finger and massage different parts of the prostate glands and seminal vesicles to look for hardening, fibrosis, size, texture, then press hard on the prostate to squeeze a few drops of prostatic fluid from the urethra, prostate fluid specimen is collected and is immediately analyzed under microscope for white blood cells, red blood cells, lecithin, particles of blockage, particles of calcification. Patient will also have a look at these pictures themselves. Later semen is collected for analysis and check for sperm quality. Blood sample is also collected here for Chlamydia infection.

At the end of prostatitis treatment, you are asked to retake the lab tests for the bacteria identified. If all medical reports show negative, that means a clinical cure.

Prostatitis Injection Room
The room is for medicine preparation and injection. It stores different kinds of antibiotics, herbal medicine, needles, syringes, medical scissors, swabs, medical gloves, prostate doctor prepares medicine here before each prostate injection. Prostate Injection is performed here too, patient first kneel down on their knees on the bed, prostate doctor first insert a gloved finger into the rectum through anus and check for the spot for injection, an extra long needle is then inserted into the prostate and guided to the desired spot, prostate medicine is then released. After the prostate injection, prostate doctor massage the prostate gently for better diffusion of prostate medicine.

Prostatitis Consultation Session
Prostatitis always bring about mental problems, stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety and irritation are only a few. Mental problems could seriously jeopardize our prostate treatment because of unstable mental state of this kind of patients. Our prostate doctor conducts daily consultation with the patient, and provide advice on treatment progress and symptom changes during the treatment duration, and help maintain positive attitude and optimum body strength so that patients could get the best out of our prostatitis treatment.

Immediately after injection, intense pain and numb sensations are common if it hit the infected spot because the irritation of prostate medicine and inflammation of the prostate gland. After that, you should take a walk for an hour for the pain to go down. Sitting for long time is always bad during treatment duration. After the walk, the pain should be minimal and you may resume your normal activities without much difficulties.

There are concerns that the prostate injection may puncture the prostate glands and cause serious damage. Since the prostate glands are very tender, we use a very fine needle that has little damage to the prostate glands. If you compare the needles used by our prostatitis center and that of other similar prostate injection in other countries, you will notice the big difference.

The most compelling evidence of the continuation of unblocking process from prostate injection is the large amount of milky/cloudy urine collected daily. Most patients are required to collect all their urine during treatment, and report it to the prostate doctor each day so that the prostate doctor can evaluate the effectiveness of injections in previous day and assess the condition of blockage. If unblocking in the prostate glands is obvious, the deposit is thick and form a milky layer in urine. This is a positive sign that the prostate injections are repairing the prostate. Once most blockage is removed, prostate shrink back to normal size, the prostate glands reopened, and most prostate pain and symptoms go down dramatically.

Prostate Injection Features

Our prostate injection is through gap of pelvic area, avoiding rectum, colon, nerves and blood vessels, so the injection pain and side effects are minimal compared with other prostate injection treatments. Since injection bypass rectum, there is no risk of new infection due to injection. Also, the pelvic tissue can stand repeated injection without much damage.

Needle of the injection is custom-made for delicate prostate tissue, it is extremely fine and long needles that cause least damage to the prostate glands. No other prostate centers use this kind of fine needles.

We are capable of treating several infections simultaneously, such as posterior urethra, prostate glands, seminal vesicles, sperm duct, epididymis.

Prostate cure after injection is solid and permanent because it cleared all bacteria and blockage which are the main causes of prostate pain and symptoms. Relapse is unlikely if infection and blockage are cleared.

The effect of cure is almost immediate after completion of injection since bacteria is eliminated and prostate glands are unblocked. Prostate symptoms caused by prostate infection, blockage and calcification will improve significantly or completely disappear and functions, blood circulation and endocrine secretion of the prostate glands return to normal state.

Functions of urination, sexual libido, quality of semen, and body condition also improve significantly and gradually get back to normal state.

Our injection for prostatitis also apply to a spectrum of genital diseases, such as prostate infection, prostatitis, enlarged prostate, urethritis, deferentitis, epididymitis, infertility, sexual dysfunction, impotence, erectile dysfunction, infertility.

Prostate Injection Treatment Duration

There are a lot of misconception and myth on prostatitis among patients and prostate doctor. Many prostate doctor lack of thorough knowledge and treatment tools on prostatitis, and many patients don't know much about prostatitis either, and depend solely on prostate doctor for advice. Even for patients who suffered prostatitis for many years and have been through countless treatments often didn't study the disease well enough. Many visited different prostate doctor and tried various treatment methods in an attempt to search for a cure without much careful research and inquiry. When prostate symptoms appear to get better, they tend to think their condition is getting better, and the treatment is effective, if the prostate symptoms get worse, they often suspect that their prostate condition is getting worse, and conclude that the treatment is not working. Many times, they regard increase in prostate symptoms to some prostatitis treatment or medicine as the aggravation of their prostate infection and prostatitis.

Prostate Treatment Theory

Our theory of prostatitis is pathogen based that bacteria invade the prostate glands and cause prostate infection. Most patients have light symptoms and pain in the beginning, but it starts to have serious symptoms and pain after blockage and calcification is formed after some time. Prostate symptoms and pain flare up when irritated by sexual intercourse, alcohol, spicy food. These prostate symptoms always return after some ineffective prostatitis treatments. Many even have psychological problems due to long term stress and anxiety, and lead to endocrine and vegetative nervous function disorder.

Prostatitis Treatment To Identify Prostate Infection

First phase of our prostatitis treatment is to identify and kill the causative bacteria. This step eliminates prostate symptoms, pain and problems caused by infection but the prostate symptoms and pain caused by blockage still linger. This is a precarious period that extreme care must be taken to avoid any factors that may trigger reinfection. In addition, restrain yourself from taking excessive antibiotics to avoid antibiotics resistance and secondary fungal infection.

Prostate Therapy To Remove Prostate Blockage

Second phase of our prostatitis treatment is to remove prostate blockage and calcification for complete cure of prostate pain and symptoms. Antibiotics treatment for prostatitis is ineffective at this chronic stage, and our prostate injection is the only treatment protocol that could solve prostate blockage problems.

Since prostate pain and symptoms vary widely from patient to patient, every prostatitis case is unique and prostatitis treatment plan must be designed individually, so the treatment duration, use of medicine, treatment effect and cost also vary widely.

Generally, with two shots per day on the prostate glands, most patients can be free of bacteria within 25-35 days. Prostate infection can be controlled right after one week of treatment and white blood cell count in EPS returns to normal range in a few weeks.

The Only Genuine Treatment For Prostatitis

As we know, no other prostatitis treatment around the world is able to have dramatic effect on prostate blockage and calcification. We are the only prostatitis treatment center that could unblock the prostate glands and deliver a permanent cure. Prostate blockage and calcification can be removed within 25-40 days if they are not serious. For extremely serious cases, two or more courses of treatment may be needed in order to have a permanent cure and the maximum reduction of prostate pain and symptoms.

Prostatitis I
If you contracted prostatitis for the first time, plus the prostate pain and symptoms are caused by infection, most patients can be cured with one course of treatment if no presence of serious blockage and calcification in the prostate.

Prostatitis II
If you always have recurrence of prostate symptoms and pain after prostatitis treatments, you are likely to have both infection and blockage in the prostate. Prostate symptoms and pain aggravate slowly if they don't receive proper treatment before it is too late. Our prostatitis treatment is the only treatment option for this group of prostatitis.

Prostatitis III

If you have long history of prostatitis, serious prostate pain and symptoms, your main problems are blockage and calcification. If confirmed with serious blockage and calcification, after eradication of bacteria, prostatitis treatment plan for unblocking can be divided into two courses. There is no time limitation or intermittence requirement between prostatitis unblocking courses. Patients can schedule their unblocking treatment at their convenience, but usually from six months to a year. During the intermittence periods and after finishing prostatitis treatment, the prostatitis cure effect is consolidated. The evaluation of treatment effect is purely on amount of deposit released in each course of treatment. Most of the time, patient can get significant improvement after each course of treatment. Our prostatitis treatment is the only treatment option for these group of prostatitis.

Prostatitis IIII
This category is for most severe prostatitis cases with a history of long term antibiotics treatment, serious prostate blockage and calcification and serious pain, in addition, they have organ disorder, such as liver, kidney, immune system damage caused by surgery, they may have serious mental problems, cachexia appearance, and bad body shape. Patients of this group must have plenty of time, no financial pressure, and should stop other prostatitis treatments and adjust their body condition before coming.

Prostate Treatment Credibility

Our credibility is proved by the hundreds of cured prostatitis patients from China and around the world each year. Although very few cured patients want to do the referral work due to the nature of this disease, we try our best to arrange some chat with previous prostatitis patients.

This prostatitis treatment is about removing bacteria and blockage of prostate glands, you can see the treatment reaction going on in the prostate by observing the milky urine collected each day. You can monitor and evaluate your own treatment progress with the prostate doctor. This is what we called interactive treatment on prostatitis.

Our main source of advertising is the internet and referrals. Most patients we have treated have been to many specialized prostatitis treatment clinics and prostate doctor and their experience enable them to compare different treatments on prostatitis in the whole planet. Many are convinced that our injection protocol on prostatitis is the best treatment with best cure rate worldwide.

Our treatment is carried out based on trust. We have developed close relationship between prostate doctor and patients through daily treatments and interaction. Naturally patients of prostatitis exchange experience and support each other and culture a close relationship among themselves.

Many Bogus Prostatitis Treatment Worldwide

Sadly, the world of prostatitis is full of quack and fakery, filled with all sort of false and misleading info by prostate dr. and medical science, and it is extremely difficult for ordinary patients to evaluate a genuine treatment for prostatitis that worth a try. The fact is many desperate patients are scammed, tricked and misled, and the frustration could lead to serious psychological difficulty toward new treatment later. Our prostate doctor treat prostatitis and also treat their psychological problems so that they could get both physical cure and psychological cure.

Prostate Treatment Statement

Our prostatitis treatment team is open to discussion about our treatment protocol and theory. Based on two decades of extensive clinical treatments and prostatitis research, a proven therapy with permanent cure has formulated. Our promise to deliver high cure rate, permanent cure, safe therapy and speedy injection on prostatitis has gained good reputation among domestic and foreign patients.

Transparency In Treatment
Our commitment is to provide most advanced prostatitis diagnosis, health advice and revolutionary treatment throughout the duration of prostatitis therapy. We has attracted a large number of European, Asian and American patients, including United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and several countries in Africa.

Self-learning On Prostatitis
We recognize self-learning prostatitis and active thinking empower patients with educated decision in treatment options on prostatitis. We believe that a patient with good knowledge of prostatitis can raise reasonable doubt with prostate doctor's treatment, distinguish bogus prostatitis treatment from real, and make the best judgment on their own without stereotype and influence from medical authority.

Access The Best Therapy On Prostatitis Through Internet
We believe that in internet age, revolutionary treatments such as our prostatitis treatment are beneficial to all patients worldwide. Boundary is not an obstacle anymore.

Interactive Prostatitis Treatment
We regard patients as friend, not a number, We make sure they understand our prostatitis treatment, progress, efficacy, that in turn build up their confidence on our prostatitis treatment. We answer all patients' questions during daily consultation, and they will become part of our family and be treated like a family member. After they return home, we still provide prostatitis consultation and exchange info on their rehabilitation.

New Perspective On Prostatitis and Therapy
We provide diagnosis, evaluation and treatment plan on prostatitis for your consideration. We provide you a brand new perspective on causes of prostatitis and valuable medical knowledge on prostate infection, symptoms and pain which are not readily available in traditional prostate doctor and prostate clinic in your country. You will be surprised that how wrong your previous treatments on prostatitis are. You will probably learn more about prostatitis and treatment from us than all you have learned before.

Scientific Treatment Protocol On Prostatitis
We treat prostatitis strictly by the principles of scientific analysis and medical findings. We will never blame your prostate pain or symptoms as mental or psychological problems. Prostatitis treatment should be carried out on the basis of trust, that is why we try to create a trust between prostate doctors and patients based on honesty and maintain candid communication. We will inform patients the truth about their prostatitis conditions and prognosis because we believe they should have a good understanding of their prostatitis.

Referral From Cure Prostatitis Patients
Cure patients are our most important source of referrals. Most cure patients voluntarily refer other patients for our treatment on prostatitis after gaining complete cure or satisfactory cure. They are doing this because of gratitude to our medical staff and prostate doctor and they want more people to get cured of this terrible disease called prostatitis.

Safe And Efficient Treatment
Being responsible prostate doctor and healthcare practitioner, our work on prostatitis is very important to patients and must not damage them for any reason. All treatments and procedures should be proven safe, clinically effective, cost effective, and with minimal or no side effects/drug interaction. We have been following these guidelines for many years.

Exceptional Diagnostic and Treatment Skills
Our prostatitis diagnostic skills and treatment capability is exceptional, and this is appraised by previous patients. Our lab is with university research center standard, equipped with first line testing tools and unique testing protocols for causative pathogens. High resolution color flow doppler and digital rectal exam are the most efficient tools to locate infected, blocked, and calcified focus in prostatitis. Once bacteria, toxin and deposit is cleared, prostate pain, symptoms and problems caused by prostatitis are also cleared, then patients get permanent cure on prostatitis and restore prostate health. A follow up with some previous patients finds that overwhelming majority feedback that they have a complete cure on prostatitis.

Systemic Prostate Treatment
Previous extensive research and experience tell us that prostatitis is an extremely complicated disease that a systemic treatment plan is needed to secure a permanent cure with prostatitis. It is stunning that 98% of prostatitis cases are pathogen infection induced. Nonbacterial infection make up the majority cases, these infections are Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, virus and fungus. It is a surprise that 90% have blockage, 80% have calcification in various degree, 70% have spermato cystitis or epididymitis.

Exchange Experience Between Prostate Doctor
Discussions and research on prostatitis between prostate doctors and our prostate doctor are welcome. We oppose medical organizations or prostate doctor who infringe our intellectual property rights. We only exchange with prostate doctor who are ethical and responsible. We provide advice, guidance and analysis regarding prostatitis and it s treatments.

Treat Prostatitis Vigorously At Early Stage
Prostatitis at the early stage is purely infection issue, blockage and calcification are not an issue during early stage as they need time to build up. A complete cure with conventional treatments on prostatitis is possible and should always be the first choice and be treated as early as possible. However, if it fails to have a proper treatment, or have incomplete cure, infection returns and form blockage and calcification over time, further antibiotics treatment won't work anymore. Relapse and continuous prostate pain and symptoms linger forever. Conventional prostatitis treatments do not work in this chronic case.

A Comprehensive Prostate Tests
We cannot judge the prostate condition only by the number of White blood cells in prostate glands and reports of prostate symptoms and pain complained because prostate conditions vary from case to case due to different body structure and physical condition. Accurate analysis of the condition of prostate glands prostatitis could only be determined by prostate ultrasound scan, digital rectal exam (DRE) on the prostate, lab tests on prostate fluid, pain and symptoms of patient.

Best Therapy For Prostatitis With Blockage And Calcification
Our prostate treatment work extremely well on prostatitis with blockage and calcification because the prostate injection can reach the infected spot directly. Since bacteria hide inside blockage and calcification, and that cause difficulty in clinical lab tests and treatment on prostatitis, making it extremely difficult to treat and a lot easy to relapse.

Effective Treatment On Prostatitis Non-existent In Western Countries
Currently in western countries, there is still no treatment, therapy, remedy or herbs that could effectively eliminate prostate infection, cure prostatitis, remove blockage and calcification, in western countries such as United States and Europe. Currently treatment for prostatitis that claim a cure rate more than 50% is not credible. Most patients received our treatment for prostatitis gained significant benefits from our prostate treatment while their previous treatments have poor results. Their experience of previous search for a cure is a powerful evidence that there is sharp contrast between these treatments and our prostate treatment on prostatitis.

Antibiotics Harmful To Chronic Prostatitis
Our research studies done by prostate doctor in our prostate clinic on previous patients has found that antibiotics treatment cause more damage than benefit in chronic prostatitis cases, long term use of antibiotics on prostatitis often aggravate prostate infection, pain and symptoms.

Minimal Efficacy With Alternative Prostate Therapy
We are against any form of prostate surgery or heat therapy for prostatitis, as these prostate remedies cause serious pain, suffering and permanent damage to the prostate glands. Physical therapy on prostatitis such as prostate massage is discouraged because the effects is minimal and is a waste of time and money. Therapies, such as prostate massage, herbal treatment, dietary remedies, aerobic exercise, can only temporarily improve or eliminate prostate symptoms, pain and problems of prostatitis. However, we suggest that patients can adopt these treatments for temporary relieve of prostate symptoms until they are ready for our prostate treatment.

Treatment Works Best On Chronic, Calcification And Blocked Cases Of Prostatitis
Our prostate treatment are suitable for prostatitis cases that are in chronic state for some time, with serious prostate pain or symptoms, and also with complications, they must by physically in China, have five weeks time for our prostate injections, physically fit, no mental or psychological problems, and have sufficient fund for the treatment.

Our Prostate Center And Prostate Doctor
We do not have any branch in any country outside China, and we do not authorize any prostate doctor or medical institution to perform our injection protocol.

Observation on Treatment of Prostatitis

The following are some comments and reviews collected from prostate doctors, patients on prostate injection.

Humidity and Temperature Factors in Prostatitis
Humidity and low temperature have effects on unblocking process in the prostate, low temperature and high humidity is perfect for vibrant growth of bacteria, and affect the rate of unblocking. So patients of prostatitis should keep their prostate warm and dry, that means you don't sit on the cold surface, or wet environment. Higher temperature and dry weather is the ideal environment for treatment of prostatitis.

Frequency of Ejaculation Affects Speed of Unblocking
During prostate injection, you are required to have semen ejaculations a few times a week, that is to help circulate the prostate fluid with fresh one by flushing out the toxin, and inflammatory wastes. The contraction movement of ejaculation also help shake up the blockage and speed up the dissolving process. Thick layers of wastes in urine are observed after ejaculations.

Reports of Pain Changes After Injection Crucial to Injection next day
Initially, prostate injection are injected to spots where most pain and blockage are found during DRE, after several days, the pain and blockage in the prostate change, pain in other spots may pop up, or pain in some area are reduced a lot faster than expected, or some pain sensation could not be identified by prostate doctor's DRE, only patient could sense it by his own sensations. Based on reports from patient, prostate doctor can evaluate effectiveness of previous injection, whether to have more injections in a particular spot, or switch injection to other more painful spots. This is crucial to the efficiency of injection as the pain pattern always change during the injection for prostatitis.

The intensity and duration of prostate pain after injections is an indicator of severity of infection, inflammation and blockage
After each injection, prostate doctor ask your sensation in the prostate, if the pain at the injected spot is extremely painful, and it lasts more than two to three hours, it indicates that spot has serious infection, inflammation, and blockage, more injection are needed in that prostate spots. If you have only minor prostate pain, then it indicates that particular spot is pretty ok, or injection is on the wrong spot if there are still some more severe spots in the prostate. Based on this, prostate doctor locates more severe spots for injection next day.

Observation of Cloudy or Milky Urine Crucial to Injection on Prostatitis
Each day, you are required to keep urine in a bottle and report it to the prostate doctor at the treatment session for prostatitis. When injection hit the right spot, a large amount of calcified waste is washed out with urine, you will notice a thick layer of cloudy or milky urine in the bottle. After urine report, prostate doctor has an idea of efficiency of previous injection and decide on continue with the same spot or find new spot for injection. Our treatment for prostatitis is interactive and dynamic.

Big Fluctuation of Pain and Symptoms is Normal During Prostatitis Treatment but the Overall Trend is downward
Once start injection to cure prostatitis, the pain level and symptoms could aggravate to higher level because injection and medicine are irritative in the infected prostate, this could cause some patients to think that the injections are making their prostate condition worse. It is natural that the pain and symptoms of prostatitis get worse before they get better, however, the overall trend of prostate pain is downward. At the end of treatment for prostatitis, most infection and blockage is cleared, prostate pain and symptoms are more stabilized at a lower level.

Fine Urine Stream Indicates Blockage and Calcification in Central Prostate Area Near Urethra
Fine urine stream in prostatitis means urethra is compressed by blockage and calcification in the central area of prostate. Prostate Doctor injects medicine into the central spots first to decompose the opening of prostate gland, once it is open, other blockage is flushed consecutively through the prostate gland opening. If you have prostatitis with symptoms of fine urine stream, now you know which part of your prostate has most problems.

Pain on Foot is Reflective Nerve Pain Caused by Infection and Blockage in Seminal Vesicles
Infection and blockage in seminal vesicles compress the nerves there and cause reflective pain on foot. Several injections to seminal vesicles could resolve the foot pain after blockage is removed. This is another sample that prostatitis is a systemic disease involving all genital organs.

Cloudy Particles in Urine Indicates Decomposed Calcified Waste
Deposit in urine can tell you what is going on in the prostatitis process. If you witness some fine, cloudy particles hovering in urine, this is calcified waste from calcification stones. Prostatitis with calcification usually have continuous cloudy urine for the whole duration of treatment. You still have cloudy urine for some time after returning home.

Heavy Layer in Urine Indicates Decomposed Blockage Waste
Thick layer in urine tells you prostate unblocking process is in full speed. They are bigger particles than cloudy particles and it always sink to the bottom and form an obvious layer. After several weeks of thick layer urine, the prostate shrinks back to much smaller size, symptoms and pain of prostatitis are greatly reduced.

Prostate Unblocking Continues After Returning Home
Since prostate unblocking is a slow process that could take several months in some extreme cases, our prostate injection could dissolve two third of the blockage, and the unblocking process continues automatically after treatment until all blockage is gone.

It Takes Eighteen Days for Prostate Injection to Eliminate Bacteria
Most bacteria, such as Chlamydia, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, can be eliminated in eighteen days, after twenty five days prostatitis injection for infection, the focus switch to prostatitis unblocking injection, no fixed amount of injection needed for blockage because it is very hard to predict.

Drink a Lot of Water To Facilitate Unblocking Process
You are required to drink a lot of water during prostatitis treatment. It flushes out toxin, inflammatory waste produced by bacteria, it also cleans up urethra if there is an infection.

Sudden Sharp Pain Observed in Prostate During Prostate Treatment
If sudden sharp pain is observed during middle of prostatitis treatment, it indicates that dissolved waste is stuck somewhere in the prostate gland when it is slowly moving to the urethra opening in the prostate. A few prostate injection to that spot could quickly dissolve the chunk into smaller pieces and eliminate sharp pain of prostatitis.

Many Patients have Appetite and Sleeping Quality Improved During Treatment
In the middle of treatment for prostatitis, most pain and symptoms of prostatitis are gone, plus their mental state is more relaxed, naturally they have gained appetite for food, and better sleeping quality, some even experienced eight hours of sleep first time since they have had prostatitis.

Morning Erection is a Good Sign that Prostate is Functioning
Morning erection is a natural phenomenon for healthy men, but not for men with prostatitis. After two weeks of injection on prostatitis, prostate recovers most of its functions and start to have erection in the morning. It is another indicator of your treatment progress with prostatitis.

Strong Odor in Urine Indicates Inflammatory Waste and Toxin
During prostate unblocking, inflammatory waste and toxin are dissolved and flushed out with urine, it causes strong smell in urine, that is why urine has strong odor during injection.

Prostate Pulse Sensation is Observed in the Middle of Treatment
Blockage stops the flow of blood capillaries, pulse sensation is a good sign that the blood capillaries in the prostate are unblocked and trying to restore blood circulation with normal function, that is why you have pulse sensation.

Prostate Injection to Soften Fibrosis in Prostatitis
Fibrosis is the physiological changes of the prostate tissue, the tissue is hard and it is very difficult to dissolve like blockage and calcification. Patience is the only solution to these prostate problems, you probably need two courses of injection to completely soften and decompose the fibrosis.

Redness in Interior Urethra Needs Catheter Treatment
Some cases of prostatitis have infection in the urethra, medical camera shows redness in urethra, urethra catheter treatment is applied to urethra for about ten days. This is to completely clear all possible infections in the body other than prostatitis.

Rectum Catheter for Rectum Infection
After several weeks of injection for prostatitis, there is a risk that the rectum may also have infection due to its proximity to the prostate, stool may become dry. Rectum catheter treatment is applied to the rectum area to clear up the infection.

Stinging Pain in Urethra or Blockage Near Opening of Urethral Prostate
Urethra catheter treatment is applied for cases with stinging pain in urethra or blockage near opening of urethral prostate. Catheter pumps medicine into the rear urethra and soak the opening of urethral prostate, this is to create a passage for the smooth transport of prostate waste out to the urethra.

Blood in Urine or Semen is Natural Process of Stagnant Blood
At the end of treatment for prostatitis, some cases with serious blockage may have blood in urine or semen, this is normal because unblocking process has reached the inner core of the prostate where it is a place rich in capillaries. Once treatment on prostatitis is completed, prostatitis, blood in urine or semen are all gone.

Prostatitis with Calcification Requires Longer Period for Restoration
Calcification cause physiological changes to the prostate tissue, after prostatitis cure, infection and symptoms are gone, but prostate tissue takes longer time to rehabilitate, so six months are needed before you are completely cured.

DRE on Calcified Spot Have Sharper Pain at End of Treatment
After calcification is cleared, doctor's DRE on that spot still cause sharp pain, the pain doesn't mean you still have infection, it just means the prostate tissue in that spot is tender and more sensitive to pain. It takes another three to six months to clear all pain and symptoms of prostatitis.

Sweating Helps Unblocking Process
Sweating helps therapy for prostatitis, sweating speed up unblocking process, don't stay in air conditioned room for the whole day during prostatitis treatment. It is best to have an hour or two exercise each day to help cure prostatitis.

Don't Confuse Prostate Pain from Pain Caused by Injection
In the middle of treatment, pain of prostatitis and pain caused by injection are easily confused by patients because vogorous injection numb the prostate, pain from prostate injection cannot be avoided and is only temporary during treatment duration.

Rotation of Injection to Avoid Excessive Injection in One Spot
Each part of prostate can only sustain a few consecutive injection, particularly when prostatitis cause tender prostate gland, therefore, prostate doctor rotates injection for prostatitis to different prostate spots.

Sensation of Pain Changes During the Course of Treatment
Before starting injection for prostate, prostate doctor's DRE on the prostate cause an intense pain to patients, at the end of treatment, when the same DRE is done, patients have a mild pain only, and they always ask if prostate doctor use the same strength of force on the prostate. The force on the prostate is the same, but your sensation of pain has changed completely after prostatitis has got a cure.

Our Prostatitis Protocol is Unable to Treat Mental Problems
Some patients has developed serious mental problems after long history of prostatitis, even prostate doctor cures all pain and symptoms of prostatitis, patients still suspect that infection is still there, or still feel pain here and there. We can only help these prostatitis cases if they could stabilize their mental state.

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